World brain tumour day 2020 observed on June 8

World brain tumour day 2020 observed on June 8
The World Brain Tumor Day 2020 is observed on June 8. The day was initiated by the German Brain Tumour Association, which is called as Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe in German.
It was started in 2000.

This day is  observed as tribute to all the brain tumour patients and the struggles they and their families face.

This  day is also celebrated as  International Day to spread awareness about the disorder and share information on brain tumor.

German Brain Tumor Association  is  celebrating worldwide so as to clear some misconceptions regarding the disorder, as well as to create awareness along with encouraging the courage of patients and families who have been through the same. 
According to NHP's data, the majority of patients suffering from brain tumour die within 9-12 months while less than 3% survive longer than 3 years. 

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